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Renting a photocopier is a solution many businesses take advantage of to assist in cashflow. By using our rental plans, it frees up you existing credit lines.


Whereas most of the industry uses Minimum Term Rental Agreements which automatically trip into secondary or peppercorn rentals unless the client gives a minimum of 90 days written notice cancellation prior to the end of the initial term.


Here at Alf Office Solutions Limited we only use Fixed Term Self-Cancelling rental agreements, which gives you peace of mind knowing exactly when the contracts end with no nasty surprises.


We offer flexible terms ranging from 24-60 months thus enabling us to achieve your monthly budget.


The payment remains fixed throughout the term. In fact, the only two factors in which the payment may change are Corporation Tax or VAT which are both governed by 11 Downing Street.


Another benefit of renting equipment is offsetting your 100% tax deductible payments against your annual turnover.


As your business needs change during the term, you can consider adding new machines, new software and new technology to your agreement, so that you always have the latest equipment to enable your business to flourish.

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+44 345 459 7195