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You can’t Work from Anywhere if your critical paper documents exist in only one location. Legal professionals must be able to work as effectively in their remote environment as they do in their office, so they need tools that support seamless Work from Anywhere, and that starts with optimizing your scanning and printing workflows


nQzw™ Queues optimizes your scanning workflows whether you are working in the office or remote environments. Even in a Work from Anywhere environment, legal professionals still need the functionality of enterprise-level scanners. ScanQ delivers the full functionality of an enterprise multi-function device and puts it in your pocket, empowering scanning and routing from any device. 

NQ Zebra Works


PrintQ separates the process of sending print jobs to the printer and releasing those jobs for multiple devices—laptop, desktop or iOS mobile—while ensuring the same security and delivering reduced paper waste. Documents remain in the professional’s Queue until an authorized user arrives at the printer to authenticate the release of their jobs from any compatible device, completely touch-free.


Work from Anywhere created a thorny problem for legal mailrooms: how to distribute your physical mail. MailQ leverages the power of nQzw™ Queues to create a digital workflow for your physical mail that won’t clog up your email or document management system.


PdfQ enables full PDF editing across your organization from within your document management system. PdfQ is priced so that all firm members can have their own license to easily annotate and collaborate on work product, reflow content, create forms and edit and manipulate files.

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+44 345 459 7195