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We will then show you the most cost effective way to use your existing equipment to help reduce your printing expenditure. By allowing us visibility of your printers, you can hand the replenishment task to us so you can focus on your business. So firstly, prospective buyers need to make sure that it will be a sound investment and there is really a need for it in the office. Evaluating the number of prints and copies needed per month is a good start to do that. Secondly, if photocopier prices are just too high, taking out a leasing contract could provide the perfect solution. Office photocopier lease also gives the advantages of including comprehensive plans covering all “photocopying services”, with maintenance, repairs and consumables.

And because you are likely to have one copier embedded within a group in an office or in a business, downtime can prove costly and counterproductive. Large volume office photocopiers can be expensive pieces of office kit, with big, free-standing traditional office copiers starting at over £2,000 and climbing up to the £10,000 and beyond price league. Get a managed print solution anywhere, we can provide high levels of support.

office Photocopiers

If you find that you need more paper capacity out of your desktop photocopier, many devices allow you to add additional paper trays, making them a floor-standing office photocopier device rather than desktop devices. A photocopier is a machine that makes copies of documents and other visual images onto paper or plastic film quickly and cheaply. Most modern photocopiers use a technology called xerography, a dry process that uses electrostatic charges on a light-sensitive photoreceptor to first attract and then transfer toner particles onto paper in the form of an image. The toner is then fused onto the paper using heat, pressure, or a combination of both. Copiers can also use other technologies, such as inkjet, but xerography is standard for office copying. Multifunction colour laser photocopiers are by far the most popular photocopiers found in the office today and for good reason.

Photocopiers in the shape of multi-function printer come in all shapes and sizes. Look closely at the stated capacity and match this to your business’ workload. Speed is among principal reasons why you will find a whole pile of offices which use photocopiers on rent at this current moment. Producing tons of duplicates will probably only be a button pushes off if you utilize photocopiers.

If you don’t have a photocopier already, then you’ve been missing out on all these benefits – but it’s never too late to take the plunge. Follow our photocopier recommendations to help you make the right choice right away. If you’re still undecided why not check out photocopier guides for different office sizes.

Alf Office Solutions, supply photocopiers, printers and all related services from many of the major office technology manufacturers. Last but not least, modern photocopiers are more than likely to be multifunctional machines, which come with the capability to fax and scan too, further boosting team productivity.

Whether you make the choice to lease or to buy a photocopier, it’s a business investment that’s worth your time and consideration to make sure you’re getting the right one for you. Remember to think about how much copying your office realistically does, how much space you have, what standard you need your copying to be at and what your manageable budget is.

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