Papercut is a job accounting and secure printing solution. Papercut is vendor-neutral, with support for most manufacturer’s printers and photocopiers. One advantage of Papercut over it’s competitors is that the accounting server is capable of running on Mac OS, Novell and Linux, as well as Windows.

Papercut is currently available in two versions:

Papercut NG is a print-only accounting solution which monitors print queues on servers and computers, recording all prints to the selected printers. Reports can be produced to allow summary or detailed view of print activity across devices.

The licensing model for Papercut NG is per user, with unlimited printers, servers and computers monitored. Papercut NG is free for up to 5 users, and very competitively priced from then on.

Papercut NG is designed for consumer use, and is therefore available direct from Papercut and is user-installable.

Papercut MF is a full-featured print, copy, scan and fax accounting solution. With the use of embedded software on MFDs and monitoring of prints on servers and computers all activity is recorded and controlled on the devices. Extremely customisable, Papercut MF can store users print jobs securely on a server, ready for release at the printer of their choosing, anywhere within the organisations network. Authentication at the devices can be controlled by username and password, PIN and proximity/swipe card. Full reporting is included on a per device, user or department basis with comparative and environmental impact reporting. Account codes can be setup to assign print costs to legal matters, architectural clients, etc.


The licensing model for Papercut MF is per user, with unlimited printers, servers and computers monitored. Additionally, each multi-functional device with embedded software for accounting/secure printing must be licenced.

Papercut MF is now our recommended accounting and secure printing solution for Konica Minolta photocopiers.

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