Print Audit 6 is a comprehensive, client-based tracking solution

Print Audit 6 is a comprehensive, client-based tracking solution that is used to analyse, reduce and recover costs associated with printing and plotting. The program can track printing to all networked, local and direct to IP printers.

  • Cost Analysis
    • Learn who is printing what and where.
    • Relocate printers based on analysis and ensure that the most efficient printers are being used the most.
    • Produce reports that can help identify equipment inefficiencies and bottlenecks.
  • Cost Reduction
    • Redirects costly print jobs to more economical devices.
    • Create cost and eco-conscious users by informing users of job costs and environmental impact before they print.
    • Control colour costs by limiting colour usage by the user, printer, number of pages and more.
    • Cost Recovery Optional job code validation through a user-friendly popup window.
    • PIN codes and declining balances for charging users
    • Automates every step of the charge-back process

Why Choose Print Audit

  • Real-time monitoring of print activity of your entire with Print Audit.
  • Ongoing review of your print activity and usage trends allows for informed decisions regarding equipment placement or purchase
  • The most cost-efficient device will be used, rather than high cost local inkjet or laser printer.

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