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How wonderful it is that nobody need to wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.

You want the best economical solution, that works to your specific office requirements and Alf Office is here to help. When it comes to choosing a photocopier for your business there are a few factors to take into consideration. Then think about the size, if you’re a small business you probably won’t need a big, industrial-style photocopier and can get away with a more compact version. The speed of the photocopier is also something to consider if you’re looking for an efficient model for many employees to use throughout the day.

For example, when copying a set of 20 pages 20 times, a digital copier scans each page only once, then uses the stored information to produce 20 sets. In an analog copier, either each page is scanned 20 times , making one set at a time, or 20 separate output trays are used for the 20 sets. Commercial xerographic office photocopying was introduced by Xerox in 1959, and it gradually replaced copies made by Verifax, Photostat, carbon paper, mimeograph machines, and other duplicating machines. Look closely at the apps that will use the photocopier to ensure these connect securely. An MFP can be a cost-effective asset that a business can build its workflow around.

The new machines are great wide format printers that can suit plenty of your businesses’ printing needs – they work especially well in engineering and design offices. Keeping your documents secure is almost always important to a business when printing, scanning and copying. Ensuring that your documents are protected should be a key consideration when buying a printer.

The following addresses these nagging questions, and more, so you can make the most informed decision possible. We can also give you the opportunity to compare price quotes directly from photocopier suppliers – take a minute to answer a few question about your business photocopier needs at the Get A Quote page to get the ball rolling. From entrepreneur profiles and award winners to company growth news and analysis, we provide the insight every business needs to grow and thrive. We have great alternatives to larger multifunction machines, as it can fit in smaller spaces yet still has the four key elements available and is simple to set up and effective in use.

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When you’re not happy with the office photocopiers you have or looking for a photocopier solution to give you the success you want in your business, it’s time to talk to a photocopier expert. Alf Office Solutions have been supplying photocopiers, printers and multi-function devices many years. We have customers all over London, so we will always have an engineer nearby should you need anything. The cost of acquiring a printer can be dwarfed by the cost of purchasing the consumables – the toner or ink, but also the paper, the drum, transfer/fuser kit – and the cost of the warranty plans or after sale services.

For Office Colour at all speeds and modular multifunctionality, offering high quality Colour output and Finisher solutions to suit your Office and Document Management requirements, see the Canon Colour Printer range of MFDs. Print, Scan, Copy, Send, Store and Email directly from machine or PC/Mac desktop. Also Fax and Finish (Z Fold / Y Fold / Staple / Hole-Punch / and Booklet for complete All-In-One Canon Colour MFD productivity. All of our fully trained field service engineers carry a wealth of knowledge, spare parts and consumables, which all help to aid a first time fix. With our fantastic service, great prices and products Alf Office Solutions will beat any like for like quotations.

A multifunction photocopier can help your small business accomplish these tasks. Coming in all shapes and sizes, the right photocopier can help increase productivity and cut costs – so it’s vital you pick the perfect one to suit your needs. It comes with booklet printing, duplex printing, proof printing, automatic 2-sided, and more.


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